Tonto Trail panorama, Boulder Canyon, 2005


Take a few minutes and let
the Grand Canyon Junkies show you around
the finest backpacking place on the planet.

Beware: It’s a mile deep, so the going isn’t always easy. Yet once you enter,
you might become hooked on the place for life. Kind of like us.

1980, Joe resting somewhere between Bass and Garnet canyons; © Roger 'Too Tall' Thompson  2005, on the Tonto east of Cremation Canyon  1979, Jim exploring Slate Canyon  1979, on the Tonto between Hermit and Boucher canyons  1978, climbing to the Tonto from Bass Rapids

To get to know the canyon, immerse yourself in it. Hike to the bottom and spend a week or so there.
Get the canyon’s red dirt under your fingernails, in your eyes, on your teeth and in your veins.
Lie at night beside 2-billion-year-old rock as you gaze into the eternity of the heavens. It’s a journey
of body and mind, so you’re likely to emerge both a little more lean and a little more in tune with your world.

The canyon beckons.
Are you ready to get down?

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