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Pima Pt.
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Mohave Pt.
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Hopi Pt.
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Powell Pt.
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Maricopa Pt.
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G. Earth
THE SEVEN: Topography meets typography in this canyon peculiarity discovered in 1977 by Jim and Stan. (Well, they claim to be the discoverers, and why not? It may be right there in plain sight, but as far as any of us can tell, the Seven has never before been described in any canyon literature.) It’s shown here from several South Rim spots west of the main village.
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Photo © by Joe Hudson
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There was, naturally, a temptation to call it the Magnificent Seven, but that seemed to smack of hyperbole. No sense in getting people’s expectations up, as this ain’t exactly Elves Chasm. It is what it is — no adjectives required.

The Seven graces the north side of the inner gorge at the mouth of Ninetyone Mile Creek, between the Horn Creek and Salt Creek rapids. (Is it mere happenstance that ninety-one is evenly divisible by seven? We don't think so!) Nearby landmarks include Isis Temple to the north and Dana Butte to the south. According to Google Earth’s data, the top of the Seven is roughly 1,100 feet above river level, and the Seven itself is 240 feet from top to bottom. Its composition is unknown — but typographically speaking, think of it as a 200,000-point numeral in the Batang or Goudy Old Style fonts.